Global Meteo Overview – all relevant info – #earthweather (Raport meteo Pamânt)

Global Meteo Overview – today data – #Earth #weather (Raport meteo Pamant – Astazi)

The weather maps shown here are generated from the NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS) model. GFS is the primary operational model framework underlying U.S. NOAA/NWS weather forecasting. The model is run four times daily on a global T1534 gaussian grid (~13 km) to produce 16-day forecasts. Here, we use 0.25°x0.25° (~30 km) output grids available from NOMADS, and calculate daily averages from eight 3-hourly timeslices starting at 0000 UTC. Global meteo Overview.

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Also find Live Weather Conditions all around the World here Live Weather Conditions 

Air temperature 2m – Daily Maximum
Global Meteo Overview - all relevant info - #earthweather (Raport meteo Pamânt)

Air temperature 2m – Daily Minimum

Global Meteo Overview - all relevant info - #earthweather (Raport meteo Pamânt)

Air temperature anomaly – Global Meteo Overview

global meteo oveview

Precipitation and Clouds

Global Meteo Overview - all relevant info - #earthweather (Raport meteo Pamânt)

Sea level Pressure

Global Meteo Overview - all relevant info - #earthweather (Raport meteo Pamânt)

Sea Surface Temperature

Global Meteo Overview - all relevant info - #earthweather (Raport meteo Pamânt)

Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly

Global Meteo Overview - all relevant info - #earthweather (Raport meteo Pamânt)

500 hPa Geopot Height

Global Meteo Overview - all relevant info - #earthweather (Raport meteo Pamânt)

Precipitable Water

Global Meteo Overview - all relevant info - #earthweather (Raport meteo Pamânt)

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