Cloud cover #Europe #Romania #rain (Acoperire nori Europa)

Cloud cover #Europe #Romania – today #weather (Acoperire nori Europa astazi).

Satellite views of cloudiness areas in Europe.  Visible high and low pressure on Europe. Cloud cover.

Follow our Satellite page for Europe here Satellite – Radar Europe and for Romania here Satellite – Radar Romania

Vederi satelitare cu zonele de nebulozitate din Europa. Presiune inalta sau scazuta in Europa.

Following Maps will be auto-updating if refresh this page.

(If) Missing maps are related to bad Sat24 API. Sorry guys.

Animated cloud cover Europe

Acoperire nori Romania

Cloud cover #Europe #Romania #rain (Acoperire nori Europa)

Animated cloud cover Romania

Cloud cover #Europe #Romania #rain (Acoperire nori Europa)
Cloud cover #Europe #Romania #rain (Acoperire nori Europa)

Credit:, eumetsat

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